Cat Bates

jewelry and accessories

To my friends, family, customers, and supporters,

For more than ten years I have been making and selling jewelry under the title Barbarian Enterprises. As I have grown as an artist and business person Barbarian Enterprises has grown as well. Barbarian Enterprises (B. E.) products are currently available at six retail locations spread across the United States. I am so thankful for all of the support that Barbarian Enterprises has received from vendors, customers, friends, and family. After much consideration I have decided that for the sake of my own artistic growth and for the growth of the business I will begin using my own name in place of B.E.. My name is Cat Bates.  

B.E. was originally founded in 1974 by my father Daniel Bates. He used the title for his goat cheese business, and various other entrepreneurial undertakings over the years. During that period of his life he was living year-round on Monhegan Island. It was there that he met my mother, and there that I spent my early years, and many summers since then. My parents taught me to respect nature with love and caution, to be resourceful, and to appreciate the people around me. They taught me much more, but these three lessons have had a particularly strong influence on my development as an artist.

These lessons and experiences continue to influence me in a profound way, but as I develop as an artist it becomes increasingly difficult to directly relate such formative experiences to my current interests. Using my name as title I will be able to more clearly express what inspires me and why I make the things I do. I sincerely hope that you will continue your support of my work through this transition and into the future.  

Thank You,


Cat Bates